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Obie's Bobaloo (Bobbi) winning her first point. (Click on photo for pedigree)


Form Follows Function
These words mean something different to every breeder since every breeder has a different vision of what the perfect basset hound should look like. I believe good, balanced movement is an essential starting point for breeding better bassets and once the soundness of movement is established the rest can be improved upon. The goal of my breeding program is to produce dogs worthy of winning not only in the show ring, but sound enough to compete and win in other pursuits as well.
The Versatile Basset
This may sound like an oxymoron considering the basset was originally bred for the very specific purpose of tracking game through the dense underbrush of the 14th Century French countryside. However, these days there is, sadly, little demand for using bassets for their original purpose. Thus, fanciers of the breed have turned to other pursuits such as agility, tracking, field trialing and competition obedience with their bassets. My philosophy is that a dog worthy of winning in the show ring should also be sound enough in structure and temperament to win in these other pursuits as well. Therefore, I select only those dogs and bitches who can move with effortless grace and are not so short in leg, or heavy in the chest, as to exclude them from competing and winning in these other events. My bassets are not meant to be couch potatoes or floor ornaments. They are bred for performance.